Jil Applegate

The youngest of four, I grew up in Golden, CO until 14, then off to Australia for the next 3 years with my parents. Talk about a big first hello to the scary thing called change that we all face! After Australia, I moved to Michigan for my senior year of high school, Ohio for college, Chicago for 7 years, then back to Colorado. Full circle of locale, but luckily not of person! Every move I made, every lesson, every struggle, and every change I went through helped mold me into the person I am today. I am perfectly imperfect and continuing to grow every day, proud of the strides I have made, and can't wait to see what else I can do! So many times we hold back due to past muck, stories we tell ourselves, perceptions of others, etc. I have a drive to help people step into their power and find the strength and beauty in that power. Here's to being unapologetically us! 

What is your story? 

What story do you tell yourself that holds you back, that keeps you blocked and unable to step into your power and see the beauty of your strength? Are you ready to change that story? I am ready, are YOU? Let me help you push past your blocks, and step into your power.

  • Certified Coach through the Health Coach Institute. 

  • Certified CIJ: The Clarity Catalyst Course Trainer through Jennifer Grace.

  • Certified CIJ Insight for life for Kids Trainer through Jennifer Grace.

  • Certified CAJ (Creative Action Journey) Trainer through Jennifer Grace.